"Overall excellent experience and thoroughly enjoyed it"

"Very active and great for team building."

"Thanks for providing a fantastic afternoon."

"Very entertaining - really gets you thinking (& frustrated in the process!) Great for testing team communication."

"Fantastic! Very well organised and a great team building activity."

"Great fun! These are the types of things you play as a child, but never think you'll get the chance to play detectives as an adult!"

"Well timed game, great fun and clever clues."

"Would do it again, and recommend to others."


"I booked this for approx 30 of my team to do a whole day of team activities - we did all 3 of the missions - they are all different, challenging and a MASSIVE amount of fun.

We also organised food and drink through these guys, which made it an absolute breeze to have a corporate team day to remember.

Massive thanks to Agent November for everything, get busy with creating more missions - we will be back..." - Agent Stuart, April 2015


"My colleagues and I had really rich and engaging experience with Agent November. A great set up starting with some treasure hunting in the Doric Arch pub followed by the main bomb-disarming task in great surroundings.

The puzzles were stretching and very much needed a collective imagination to solve. We completed the task with fewer than 5 minutes to go and the tension was palpable but with a gentle nudge from Agent N, we saved the city.

Very much recommend it if you'd like something original and creative to do in London" - Agent Bruce, October 2014

A great puzzle solving experience that requires a serious amount of thought. Will you be able to prevent a big explosion in London? Well, we didn't, but we did have an amazing time! ... I am definately going back to try the other puzzles. I will get my revenge! :P

Very exciting and funny! We really got into a roles and couldn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the day.

" An amazing and unique way to spend time with family! We will definitely return to do one of the other scavenger hunts! Thank you so much to Agent Nathan for guiding us through the day!"

"it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable puzzle solving games I've ever played. It wasn't limited to several rooms as usual and we had to walk to gather all the pieces to solve the different puzzles"

What a lovely and entertaining evening that left us chatting about it for days and everyone who saw the pictures were intrigued too... could not stop giggling all night. Super bonding experience, very well planned and thought out and Nathan is extremely kind and helpful

We did this activity for our work Christmas party and it was amazing! It was a fun and different challenge for a work event, very well thought through with great props and clues. We are really looking forward to his next activity. Definitely recommend for work party, birthdays or even stag and hen party!

We had a great time, with huge tension at the end and finally finished with less than one minute to go - All ably assisted by Agent November himself. Especially good if you are looking for something to do in London during the day.

We figured it out with 8 seconds to go!! Agent November had it well organised so that you immediately felt part of the excitement.A great game to play if you have an afternoon in London.

This was a well thought out puzzle solving game. Clues were intricate and taxing. The added time dimension tests the team. We all really enjoyed it despite it raining during our hour.

An excellent afternoon out. Agent November is a great activity for smallish groups. Very original and well planned, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a sleuth then you'll love it! A good range of clue finding, using your initiative and problem solving; thank you Agent November!

A really fun hour and a half ...  A couple of things in particular I thought were ingenious ...  You never know whether the next clue will pull it all together or lead to something else to solve

Agent Gingle

12th July 2014

The game was interactive, fun to do, great team bonding... The way the clues work is good, each clue lines up with what you need to find next. All in all, great fun, great day outing

Agent Francis

1st March 2014

I don't normally like puzzle games, but my son and I had a great experience. It was all he wanted to talk about for the rest of the day

Agent David

1st February 2014

The character was realistic - high energy and serious about the activity

Agent Rhys

25th January 2014

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