Brighton Missions

We enjoyed Brighton Fringe so much we stayed!  

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Robyn Yew Missions are up and running - literally!



Brighton Fringe 2022

We are running 3 missions this year as part of the Brighton Fringe. Book through the Brighton Fringe website for our Fringe 60 minute outdoor missions 'Robyn Yew' and 'Major X Ploe-Shun' and a 30 minute 'Murder Mr. E' at great Fringe prices! Outdoor missions will be held in the Pavilion Gardens and the indoor missions at the Brighthelm Centre. Tickets just £10 per player for Murder Mr. E and £15 for Robyn Yew and Major X Ploe-Shun.

Top Secret News flash: Major X Ploe-Shun missions coming soon. Email us to arrange!

Interested in organising a Hen do? Stag do? Birthday party or private event for your friends and family? Email us to set it up - with special personalised puzzles for the bride or groom!
We also have plans to launch more missions in Brighton, continuing the exciting "Project Pandora"
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The museum of secrets has been robbed! Important artefacts are missing and if we don't get them back in 60 minutes a diplomatic crisis will unfold!

Crack the codes, solve the puzzles and save the day! 

Part of the Project Pandora Universe.

Outdoor mission: Wear comfortable shoes, bring sunscreen, water and probably a brolly - guard any snacks with your life - the seagulls will swoop - this is Brighton - be prepared for anything!

As it's our first year by the sea, and we're excited, missions will cost £20 per player for groups of 3 or more and a 2 player mission will cost £60.

Email info@agentnovember, to book if you can't spot a slot that suits.