Welcome to the agency. We will take you and your group of recruits on an adventure escape game experience you will never forget.


We have a skilled team of agents with the ingenius cover story of being "Professional Actors."

These agents are highly trained and know how to ensure you and your recruits get the most exciting, timed puzzle solving experience London has to offer.


We can provide a variety of missions, both indoor and outdoor to suit your groups needs. 

You will need to put your heads together, work as a team and communicate to prevail. Are you the agent we have been waiting for?




We have our ONLINE VIRTUAL X-CAPER mission which was designed especially for Lockdown.


Players who don't want to venture out just yet can still enjoy playing an escape room with friends and family from all over the world - via Zoom.




We have implemented a new risk-assessment for our real-world missions. Our missions are outdoor missions.

Groups will be advised that they should be from the same household or social bubble.

They must maintain social distancing from our Agent. 

Single use plastic gloves and disinfectant hand-gel will be provided for players.


Clues and walkie-talkies will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after each mission. 

We normally deck-out our agents with trilby hats - sadly for now you will have to work hatless - you are welcome to bring your own! 

Please remember that we operate in central London and if you are travelling on public transpott you are now required to wear a face-covering or mask. 

Our missions take place at various locations around Bloomsbury, London.

Your precise rendezvous location will be sent to you once a booking has been made.

If you have any questions, please email us with your enquiry.
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Note that unless otherwise stated, information on this website refers to  our London operations, which may differ from our activities at fringe events and conventions. If in doubt please get in touch for more information.

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