Please don’t record anything and don’t give spoilers to other people!

All players must sign the waiver. The minimum age is 5 years, under 18s must have an adult sign for them.

No participant is allowed to recreate or cause to be created, in whole or in part, Agent  November games, puzzles or experiences, and

we do assert our copyright and the intellectual property contained with in our experiences.


Please obey instruction from our agents, they do actually know what they are  doing.


Also, please remember that the laws of physics still apply when fighting the forces of evil. Do be careful not to trip over when running round like you’ve drunk too much lemonade. You accept all risks involved in the game. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we suspect to be under the influence of drink or drugs (or both!).

Agent November is not responsible for natural disasters or the zombie apocalypse.