Swallows and Amazons Online Escape Room

A free to play game, in association with Stockton Library Services.

Part of the "Novels that shaped our world" BBC initiative.

Made with funding from Arts Council England.

Join Captain John on his voyage as he

explores mysterious lands and faces fearsome foes.

We recommend having a pen and paper handy.

The game can be played on a smartphone, tablet or laptop,

but we recommend using a laptop for the best experience.

If you are playing online with people in another house, we recommend one person shares their screen, so that everyone has the same view of the puzzles.

Don't forget that each puzzle has hints available - don't be afraid to use them!

Day One

Wordsearch part 1 image larger final.png

You can open a larger version of this puzzle in a new window with one of the links below. You can then mark on the grid when you find any words.

Each link can only handle a limited number of people accessing it at a time, so if one link doesn't work please try another.

Youll need to enter your name,

or you can just put "test", if you prefer.

We recommend using a narrow drawing tool for marking the words you find.

Words can go in any direction apart from up. 

If none of the links work, we recommend taking a photograph of the puzzle above with a smartphone, and using the software on your phone to mark through the clues.

Day Two

Captain Flint note Swallows and Amazons.

Day Three

Amazon Pirates ENVELOPE note  1 Swallows

click envelope to open

Bells time chart.png

Day Four


Day Five


Confused? Check the hints for helP!

Day Six


Day Seven

you need to click in the exact spot - guessing will take a long, long time!